FARA DOWNLOAD - رام z1 برای xperia arc s

رام z1 برای xperia arc s

به نام خدا

سلام دوستان می خوام این رام فوق العاده ی با ظاهر کاملا شبیه xperia z1 رو براتون بذارم

ویژگی های این رام فوق العاده زیبا:

- Honami Framework Updated with Actual Look
- New SemcGenerics Framework
- Complete Honami Framework Transition & Animation
- Color of Any Text Header changes According to Theme Accent
- Text color of any tabs changes According to Theme Accent
- Introducing Theme Accent Changer App V2
- Z1 Look Like Theme Accent Changer
- Fixed the App to work for everybody
- Changed color code for all Theme Accents
- Replaced Grey Accent with Vintage from Honami
- Added Skip Track with Volume Keys
- Added Kill App Back Button
- Multiple Small App Usable at a time
- Apps Crashes fixed Completely
- Introducing Honami Settings.apk
- Settings Headers Changes with Theme Accent
- Connectivity & Personalization Tab like Z1
- Text Colors in Apps Tab are fully fixed to Black
- Moved CPU Control into Power Management Option
- Fixed Scrolling on Settings
- fixed problem which some people having with Browser & GPS
- Fixed Bluetooth Problem Completely
- Export to Sim card FC fixed
- Fixed Layout of Honami Calculator
- Phonebook Tab Color Changes with Theme Accent
- Official Latest Honami Launcher
- Fixed Home Layout
- Removed Z Launcher from Aroma
- Added Z1 launcher with 4x4 Drawer
- Updated Cybershot Camera to the latest Release V 9.1.7
- Added Serajr Power toggle Small App
- Added am/pm to Status Bar
- Updated Fly On Tweak
- Updated Social Life App
- Updated Viper4Android Sound Mod
- New Sony Sketch & Notes App from Honami
- Updated busybox Binary
- Updated SQlite3 Binary
- Added Honami Black Clock in Aroma
- Added Xperia Z Calendar in Aroma
- Phonebook,Dialer,Album,Settings will open Quicker
- Zipaligned most of the apks
- Decompressed Resources of the heavy apps
- Perfected Services.jar for Better Ram Management
- Perfected Adj & Minfree Values
- Modified JB lockscreen
- Changed Default Wallpaper of JB Lockscreen
- Lockscreen Settings in white Now
- Removed Xperia S lockscreen from Aroma
- Added Theme Personaliser to Settings
- Modified Some Icons of Settings
- Removed Setup Wizard from Settings
- New White Theme Manager for Default Themes
- Added PureX Audio Mod in Aroma
- Added My Xperia & Semc Power Saver
- Updated Google Play Store
- Updated Es Explorer, *******, Gmail, Quickpic, Flashlight
- Updated Small Apps
- Game Performance Improved
- Texts Bigger in Aroma Installer
- Added Z1 Default Themes
بوت لودر انلاک
رام رسمی اندروید 4.0.4 (587)
کاستوم ریکاوری cwm
روت بودن

آموزش نصب:
1-رام رسمی اندروید 4.0.4 بیلد (587) رو فلش بزنید و بذارید کاملا بوت بشه
2-کرنل حاوی ریکاوری رو از طریق فلش تولز فلش بزنید 
3-بعد رام رو به sd card کپی کنید
4-فول وایپ کنید
5-رام رو نصب کنید
6-ریبوت کنید
7-لذت ببرید
رام ورژن معمولی
رام ورژن پروفشنال
رام ورژن اکسکلوسیو

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